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Giuseppe and Sergio Miele have spent their lives around amazing food. The brothers grew up in Naples Italy and have devoted their lives to perfecting a quality experience of Italian cuisine in the United States. Throughout the years, they have embarked on several successful restaurants in a variety of locations. As new ventures and opportunities arose, the brothers were thrilled to come to Arizona and generate the allure of authentic Italian cuisine in the Chandler desert.

The restaurant is named after the Amalfi coastline in Italy which presents a sentimental value to the owners. Amalfi is a place where the brothers would frequently visit on vacation while living in Italy and is rated as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. As such a reputable tourist location, the restaurants on the coastline are exquisite and have frequently inspired the brothers.

Everyone at Amalfi Pizzeria is proud and thrilled at the success of the restaurant. The cuisine and the staff is what has contributed in the restaurant's accomplishments and everyone works hard to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere.

"It truly is our desire to please, accommodate and develop long lasting relationships with our guests. We are delighted at the opportunity."